World War 3 is now available in Open Beta. Although we strive to maintain a consistent and smooth gaming experience, you may encounter certain gameplay and technical issues while playing.

Many of these issues are related to an increased player count following the free-to-play release of the game.

Fixes are being actively worked on right now, and we provisionally intend to solve all known critical issues in the upcoming weeks. This article will be updated as fixes are deployed.


This week we are focused on further fixes, optimization, and resolving certain player issues, including:

  • Failed purchase in the Shop
  • Progression resets
  • Server lag


  • Optimized server infrastructure for a more stable game experience
  • Temporarily introduced a cap for total online players (required in the short term to provide stability, will be expanded soon)
  • Fixed most game server crashes
  • Fixed infinite loading screen
  • Significantly reduced the number of timeouts
  • Significantly reduced occurrences of Error 151
  • Significantly reduced the number of 53% timeout errors
  • Resolved issues with Inventory transfers and restored Inventory functionality
    • We are still working on item reimbursement — please contact Support if you need assistance
  • Players no longer stuck in lobby showing 55/40 players
  • Fixed game authorization errors and reduced client authentication errors
  • Button to purchase UNC works in Store (Steam)


  • Server crashes*
  • Accepting party invites causes game to crash
  • Accepting friend requests causes game to crash
  • Client authentication error*
  • Gun appears locked despite player meeting the level requirements
  • Players being connected to wrong server
  • Players being disconnected from party service (cannot invite friends)
  • Players experiencing progression loss, or a lack of progression
  • Players kicked from server upon loading main hub (VPN users also experience a 53% timeout that will not progress)
  • Players experiencing a 53% timeout, failure to authenticate, and failure of proxy and verification*
  • Players or entire lobbies can be detected in different regions (triggering bad ping for all players)
  • Players loading into matches with either the wrong loadout or lost gun progression with old attachments unlocked

*Italicized text denotes partially resolved issues.


Due to the number of requests being processed, you may experience some delays on receiving items and UNC transferred from your web Inventory into the game. Rest assured your contents are safe and will be available soon. If you continue to experience delays or missing items after a few days, please contact Support.


The developers are actively monitoring player feedback and issues in World War 3. As we work to address these issues, the game may undergo more frequent periods of maintenance. Patches and fixes will be released on a regular basis.

Follow World War 3 on Twitter for news about maintenance, and join the official World War 3 Discord channel to read patch notes, talk about the game with other players, and report feedback directly to us. If you need help and your issue is not addressed here, please contact Support.