The Veteran Pack also includes the full contents of the Lieutenant Pack and has been credited to Steam users only. Since CBT Packs on the official website will only be available for World War 3 on GameCenter, you cannot currently upgrade to the Major Pack. However, when CBT begins on Steam on November 25, you will be able to upgrade your Veteran Pack to the Major Pack via Steam.

    World War 3 was previously available to purchase as a premium game. As we pivot the game to a free-to-play (F2P) model, we want to honor ‘Veterans’, players who were among the first to purchase and play the game, by rewarding them with exclusive items and CBT access. Discover more about Veteran Status and the Veteran Pack here.

    If you're a Veteran, you don't need to do anything! Just log in with your Steam account, check your status via your Account, and get ready to receive your exclusive Veteran Pack and CBT access on November 25. The Veteran Pack includes exclusive items that can’t be found anywhere else, plus everything in the Lieutenant Pack.