Global unrest mounts and the clock ticks closer to catastrophe, as China and South Korea prepare to enter the fight. Battle across new maps and master even more weapons, strikes, and vehicles in Operation Redline, a major free content update coming to World War 3 on December 8.


Global Operations are major seasonal content updates themed around new Conflict Zones, nations or locations which expand the world of our game while escalating the conflict within it. Additional game content will be released alongside each Global Operation, including new maps, features, game modes, quality-of-life improvements, and weapons, strikes, and vehicles to help turn the tide of war in your favor.

Operation Redline is the first Global Operation to arrive in YEAR 1 of World War 3, with three more to follow in 2023. For more information, check out the Content Roadmap.


Operation Redline will focus on China and South Korea. Two new battlegrounds will become available in these Conflict Zones as tensions mount in World War 3:

  • Gobi (Team Deathmatch): Encompassing land across China and Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is the world’s sixth-largest desert. As a storm rages around you, work as a team to battle it out in the dusty chambers of an ancient temple.
  • DMZ (Tactical Ops): The Korean Demilitarized Zone is the border barrier separating North and South Korea. Flanked by oceans and running 250km, it is heavily guarded on both sides by soldiers, razor wire, landmines, heavy armaments, and other dangerous deterrents. Use uneven terrain to your advantage as you fight to secure objectives in this no man’s land.


Battle to unlock brand-new Blueprints and try out new tactical approaches with even more weapons, vehicles, and strikes:

  • Operator Blueprints: Customize your Operator with gear based on the Republic of Korea’s 707th Special Mission Group and China’s People's Liberation Army Ground Force (PLAGF).
  • Weapons: Arm your Operator with South Korea’s standard issue K2C1 (Assault Rifle) and the Chinese bullpup QBZ-95 (Assault Rifle).
  • Vehicles and Strikes: Bring in the big guns and unleash China’s ZTZ-99 (Main Light Battle Tank), strike back with South Korea’s K21 (Light Infantry Fighting Vehicle), and get an eye in the sky with the IMUGI (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).


The Battle Pass is your key to exclusive rewards in Operation Redline. Complete Challenges to unlock over 50 Tiers of Free and Premium rewards, including new and unique customization options for Operators, weapons, strikes, and more!

The Operation Redline Battle Pass will be available to buy in-game from December 8.


The World War 3 development team has been hard at work on improvements and new features for World War 3! You can look forward to receiving an airdrop of quality of life updates on December 8, including more realistic weapon and movement collision, base protection, changes to your health bar depending on your current mobility status, the ability to reload while leaning, and changes to vehicle spawning.

Operation Redline is coming to World War 3 as a free update on December 8. World War 3 is now available to download and play in Open Beta on Windows PC via the World War 3 Launcher and Steam.