Open Beta marks the beginning of World War 3 YEAR 1, during which you can expect us to deliver four massive content updates called Operations. Take a look at the new YEAR 1 Content Roadmap to see what’s coming up in World War 3!

Operations are limited-time events accompanied by large content updates (think Seasons in other games). Operations are themed around new nations, and further expand the world of our game and escalate the conflict within it. We intend to launch additional game content with each Operation, ranging from weapons and strikes to turn the tide of war, to new modes, maps, gameplay features, and quality of life updates.

You’ll be able to complete challenges to unlock exclusive content from a Battle Pass themed around the current Operation, including Operator Blueprints, new weapons, strikes, customizations, and lots more. A free track of the Battle Pass will also be available, with additional items available to earn with the purchase of a premium Battle Pass.

The first Operation will launch in December 2022, with the next three following in 2023. We’ll have more intel for you as we approach the release of Operation 01, so stay frosty!