Ready to carry out some reconnaissance?

Log in and play World War 3 from November 10–13 to claim exclusive items from the Recon Team set and kit out your Operator with new gear, including:

  • Thursday: Helikon-Tex Gloves (Black)
  • Friday: Partizan Pants (Woodlands)
  • Saturday: Assault Vest with Jacket (Woodlands)
  • Sunday: LWH Helmet (Woodlands)

Your Recon Team gear will be sent to your Inventory after your first login each day. Players who log in for four consecutive days will also receive the Three Stripes Fill Facepaint (unlocked in the full Recon Team Operator set in the 'Operator' menu).

Don’t miss out on completing the full Recon Team Operator Blueprint!

IMPORTANT: Login periods begin and end at 05:00 UTC.