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Frequently asked questions

Q: What type of game is World War 3?

World War 3 is a multiplayer first person shooter, featuring large, 64-player battles with intense firefights between infantry and armored vehicles. World War 3 portrays a theoretical future conflict taking place in the most famous cities in the world.

Q: What are the hardware requirements for World War 3?

You can find detailed hardware requirements on our Steam store page:

Q: On what platforms will you be able to play World War 3?

After the release World War 3 will be available exclusively on PC with Windows operating systems. If the game does well on PC we'll seriously consider releasing it on console as well.

Q: Where can I download World War 3?

World War 3 will be available on the Steam platform.

Q: Do I need steam to play World War 3?

Yes, Steam account will be required to play World War 3.

Q: Will the game feature any in-game purchases?

We don't plan on adding microtransactions during Early Access. The decision on whether to add them will be consulted with our players, but even then we don't plan on affecting gameplay in any way - only visual aspects of the game.

Q: Will World War 3 have any form of single-player mode?

No, World War 3 is purely a multiplayer game and constant, stable internet connection is required to play the game.

Q: How realistic World War 3 is ?

World War 3 strives to find a balance between realism and fun. Its primary goal is to make you feel and think like a soldier and have fun at the same time. We're going for authenticity rather than full on realism.

Q: In what ways can I interact with other players in World War 3?

Outside of our combat gameplay, you, your friends and other players can chat using our messenger system, as well as team up into squads.

Q: Can I customize my equipment in World War 3?

Yes, World War 3 features an extensive customization system, which allows you to fit different attachments and parts to your weapons, dress your character in various uniforms and even change the parts on your vehicles.

Q: What is your stance on cheating?

We are dedicated to punishing every player that is caught using cheats and external means of unfairly improving their performance. Such punishments will be severe and include, among others, account suspension and deletion.

Q: Where can I report another player if I suspect him/her of cheating?

You can report other players sending an email to Make sure to include the full name of the player, as well as any evidence you might have.

Q: What level of violence can I expect from World War 3?

World War 3 features intense firefights, explosions and tactical combat. It does not, however, feature gratuitous violence and dismemberment.

Q: Why early access?

Making a game for numerous simultaneous players with deep customization, unpredictable battlefields requires months of testing by thousands to achieve balance and stability. Our relatively small studio cannot do this without the help of our players, hence the decision to go with Early Access.

Q: When do you plan to release the full game?

More info soon.

Q: Will I lose my progress once you release the game?

No! All of your progress made during our early access will stay with you after we fully release the game.

Q: Where can I follow you to get news and updates on World War 3?

You can follow our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and sign up to the official forum.

Q: Can I create my own content featuring elements of World War 3?

Yes, as long as you clearly disclose that you are showing World War 3 gameplay and/or content, you can create and/or stream video content featuring World War 3. Don't forget to show us!

Q: Which engine does World War 3 use?

We're using modified Unreal Engine 4.

Q: I have other questions. Where can I ask them?

Use one of our official channels, such as World War 3 forums, Facebook and Twitter.