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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #44 – New Animation System Response


Greetings, Soldiers!

We’re glad to be back after the holiday break, to start this new year with renewed energy and passion. Since last Weekly Report, we’ve had a lot of positive feedback, along with some questions from the community, some of which we’d like to answer.

First of all, we’re really happy with the response we got, we’ve put a lot of work into the new movement system and we’re sure we can get it to a standard that wouldn’t be looked down upon even in a AAA title. There’s still some work to be done with it, but it should be out for PTE testing (at least in some capacity) soon.

We’d like to share with you a few videos about the last Weekly Report:

BigfryTV (EN)

Mestre (PL)

TactiGamer (EN)

Abel Green (EN)

You had a few questions as well, and some of them came up again and again, so we thought it’s a good place to answer them so there’s a singular place to point people that are interested. A few of you asked about the third person animations, which weren’t shown in the last Weekly Report. Those are also brand new and those changes include stuttering while vaulting, and adding cooldowns to laying down and crouching to eliminate spamming of those actions.

The previews you saw do not represent the final quality and it’s safe to say that we will be tweaking them and making adjustments even after the animation system is in your hands.

One of the design goals of the new system was better performance for both client and server, so it should add some FPS back. It probably won’t be a massive difference for most people, but it’ll be there and it will benefit low spec PCs the most.

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Once again, thanks for the feedback, comments and questions and see you in the next Weekly Report!