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Weekly Report #42 – Last Week in World War 3


Hello, Soldiers!

Another week goes by with us working hard to make World War 3 a better game for you. Without any needless introduction, let’s go into this week’s Report!

Last week in World War 3

We’ve pushed two much-needed patches for both our test version of World War 3 and the Live version. Again, if you’d like to try out the newest items, sometimes even maps and game modes before they come to the Live servers, it’s real simple: all you have to do is to pick World War 3 PTE instead of World War 3 game from your Steam library and you’re good to go! Just remember – it’s an entirely different branch, so you’ll unfortunately have to download it in its entirety.

Going back to the patches: The 0.8.6 update – the PTE one – went live on tuesday and focused mainly on bug fixes and improvements. We’ve fixed the disappearing packs, which we know was an issue for a lot of our players, but that’s something that shouldn’t be bothering you during games anymore. On top of that, asynchronous loading of replicated objects should work fine now, which means that there should be less stuttering caused by loading others players.

If you want to know exactly what went into the PTE patch last tuesday, please visit our official forums: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11122-pte-086-patch-notes/

As for the Live version of our game, the update encompassed most of the stuff that we’ve released to PTE servers: fixes for disappearing packs, for major issues with DX12 (even though we’ve suggested you should run the game with DX11, but some of you are as stubborn as we are!) and a couple more. There were also a couple of issues with Breakthrough, but we’ve worked out what could be done about it and swiftly resolved the issues.

If you’re interested in more in depth information about the patch from thursday, patch notes for the 0.8.2 update can be found here: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11131-update-082-patch-notes/

Breakthrough Community Trailer

Some of you – and for sure those of our players who sent their submissions – have probably been wondering: hey, so what’s going on with the Breakthrough Community Trailer and the contest around it? Well, we have both bad news, and good news for you about it. Without any smoke and mirros: there was too little submissions for us to choose from. Not to say some of them weren’t of a good quality, but we decided to not make the trailer with what we’ve received. We feel like pairing some great actions with some that weren’t up to such high standard wouldn’t do justice to anyone, and making a trailer that’s not long enough wouldn’t be great as well. So, that’s the sad part.

The good part is that since you did submit your clips, your actions and tried your best, we decided that everyone who submitted their work will get their World War 3 key as a thank you! We will be contacting everyone that sent a mail before the deadline this week, so make sure to check your e-mail every now and again. We had a lot of fun going through your clips and watching you have fun in our game, and who knows – maybe we’ll find a use for your videos in the future?

Thank you for reading and enjoy your week. See you in our next Weekly Report!