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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #40 – 0.8 Update Hits Live Servers


Greetings, Soldiers!

We’ve had a busy week at the studio, finishing up the 0.8 Live release of Breakthrough. The patch went live on Tuesday, and on Friday we had another one – to address some of the issues we found while testing with the players.

Infantry HUD

In last week’s weekly we’ve shown you how and why we decided to change the player HUD and this week everyone gets to see it and comment on it as well. We very much appreciate the feedback and we are happy that for the most part, the new HUD is a success among the community. There are some things that some people didn’t like, but we’re open to change if it’s a good idea, so – as with everything else in World War 3 – expect constant improvements and changes, so in the end we’ve got an awesome game for you and us to enjoy for years to come.

AA Options

Apart from the HUD, there are some other changes: we’ve added a dedicated anti-air vehicle to base spawns on Warzone. Since the Heli Drone was nerfed, there isn’t much to defend against, but in the future – there might be, so keep an eye on the skies.

Map Rotation

Some of you might also be happy to learn that with the map rotation working now, we’ve enabled players to join matches that are ending. This was done so that if a match is nearly done, you can get in and make sure you rotate together with other players and if you disconnected, you can always go back and finish the match.


There also was some optimization work done, mainly with how the assets are streamed. This has had a massive positive impact on how Berlin, Moscow and Warsaw play – if you haven’t played in a while, make sure to check it out, it’s a massive difference – especially, since apart from the streaming, there were also other work done to improve the game overall. For Smolensk and Polyarny, since those were done later in development, this kind of performance improvement is yet to come.

0.8.1 was mostly a maintenance patch, fixing some bugs in the rotation, how profiles were read in TDM (resulting in mismatch between player speed on the server and client and thus some laggy movement), not applying the reward for switching teams and a few other bugs.

Here are the patch notes for both of the patches:

0.8: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11006-update-08-patch-notes/

0.8.1: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/11046-update-081-patch-notes/

If you want to get up to speed on the new game mode, we also have an overview on our forums:


For anyone that didn’t see it, here’s our Breakthrough Trailer:


Community Trailer

It’s time to get your last submissions in, the Community Trailer Contest will end in 48h! The deadline is Wednesday, December 4th, 3pm CEST!

For more information about how to submit, please visit this topic:


We’ll need at least a week to go through all the submissions, pick the best ones and put it all together into a cool video, so we’ll let you know when to expect the trailer release. We think the additional time will help people that didn’t get to play on the PTE to get their recordings in. Good luck!

Steam Awards

Every year Steam asks their users to vote on games to receive awards. If you think World War 3 fits some of those categories, help us with a vote:


Thanks for supporting us and for testing the game and sending us feedback, we wouldn’t be able to do this without you. See you next week