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Weekly Report #38 – Last Week in World War 3


Progress update

The development is going smoothly and without major problems since we’ve finally finished work on the engine switch. It’s mainly finishing up things, but also working on brand new stuff for 1.0, optimization and bug fixing.


Our newest game mode is currently in internal testing after finishing up the required fixes and improvements. The main changes revolve around how Retreat works and the player HUD.

New retreat doesn’t let the attacking team advance until all defenders have left the previous zone. This means that the constant sprint towards next objective will be broken up with some hunting for marked enemies. Both teams want to retreat as fast as possible – but we know some people will be caught off guard deep into the enemy territory.

Rest of the changes are some point location switches, more pronounced information: big icon that lets you know about a bomb being planted, blinking red light on the Radio Station, a beeping sound and so on.

As soon as we’ve confirmed it working as expected, it will be released to the PTE and later to Live, once the community deems it good.

Progression 2.0

We’ve finalized design of the new progression system and started to implement it into the new customization menu. We’ll have more on how it works in future Reports, but for now let’s say it shouldn’t leave you with millions of dollars on your account and nothing to spend them on. It should also provide challenge and things to do for people that have unlocked everything already. 

It’s designed to be fun for both new players and World War 3 veterans – which may sound weird when talking about a game that is yet to be released, but some people have played for over a thousand hours already. This is a great example of a system that will benefit greatly from the game’s time in Early Access, as we’ve seen all kinds of players and we have all kinds of data to base our decisions on.

This will hopefully lead to a progression that satisfies a new player by giving them new tools frequently, but not overwhelmingly so, and will give veteran players ways of still progressing years into the game’s life.

New progression is scheduled around the Customization 2.0, so we don’t have a date on that one yet.

Breakthrough Community Trailer 

We’ve already received some submissions for our community-driven trailer for our community-driven game mode, but we want more! The more submissions we get, the higher chance the overall video will be of a higher quality, so make sure to grab some sweet actions and send it to us under contests@worldwar3.com – just remember that videos should be fairly short and of good enough quality; after all, it has to look sick!

The rewards have also been upped in a somewhat unusual way, so get to know more here: https://forum.worldwar3.com/index.php?/topic/10948-breakthrough-community-trailer-submissions-are-open/

See you next week!