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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #37 – Last week in World War 3


Hello, Soldiers!

It’s been another week of hard work on World War 3, so let’s see what we’ve been up to since last week’s Report. We’ve talked about how 0.8 testing is going on the PTE, work on the new Infantry HUD, how the Breakthrough fixing is going, the optimization effort and other things.

Let’s give you an update on what changed and how we’ll proceed in the future.

0.7.2 Live Patch

We’ve updated the Live version with some improvements we’ve done for 0.8. Those are mainly bug fixes for some annoying bugs that were introduced with the engine switch and some optimization changes.

We’ve fixed most of the replication issues that were left, namely the problem with some players not having a team set properly. This resulted in people having no markers and not appearing on the scoreboard – this should be fixed now and work as intended. 

Another big change were the optimization changes. We’ve changed how the player profiles and characters/weapons/strikes are loaded in to save on the load times and reduce stuttering caused by loading on the fly. It should smooth out the gameplay and make the game more enjoyable, especially on slower machines.

This is by no means the fix for all issues, but after the engine switch is complete, we can focus more on optimizing the game now. Further optimization changes will be coming in small batches – goal being having enough small fixes that make a huge difference for 1.0.

Optimization is not something you can do in an evening, it’s hours and hours of work for every tenth of a frame, every one stutter eliminated, so it will take some time and effort, but we know it’s worth it and we’re committed to delivering as smooth of a game as it’s possible.

Next on the list for this are more fixes for loading (which is the main reason for stutters) and continued work on all facets of the optimization.

0.8 on the PTE

We’re continuing to get a lot of valuable feedback and support from the community, which we’re grateful for and we are listening. The testing has been doing great, we can see the game mode is a big hit with the community, with some things that need to be fixed, which brings us to the next point.

Breakthrough Progress

Breakthrough is being fixed up according to our observations and community feedback. We’ve improved the information layer available for the player, so you’ll be notified about charges being planted and defused much more clearly. We’ve changed spawns around, shuffled some point locations and polished the mode a bit overall. You’ll have a chance to test the changes as soon as we’ve made sure they work as intended and they’re ready for PTE.

Other improvements

We’re also working on a lot of other changes and features, like making sure spawning works well once and for all, fixing armor bugs in vehicles, taking a look at balancing and player progression, more HUD changes and bug fixing and so on. There’s a noticeable increase in how quickly we’re able to work after 0.7 was finally released and that bodes well for the future.

Breakthrough Community Trailer

We’re opening up the email address that you can send your clips to! A few weeks back we’ve announced the contest for creators and players alike, to record the best Breakthrough clips and send them our way. We’ll create a montage of best clips we get and publish it alongside our internal Breakthrough trailer when the game mode is available for everyone.

Clips that make it into the trailer will be awarded World War 3 PC Steam keys, so there’s something to work for – and it’s so easy!

Community Trailer Submission Details


If you don’t want us to chop up your footage, keep the clips to as short as possible. If you can show what happened in 5 seconds, that would be the best. We realize sometimes the action needs some more time, but we want to include as many creators as possible.


Custom .ini settings and Low Quality settings will impact the chance of your submission to be included. It doesn’t mean there’s no chance, especially if the action is awesome, but try to make your footage look as good as possible.


We’ll be taking footage with minimum resolution of 1080p, higher obviously preferable. Again, if you have some epic 10-man kill with artillery and you play 720p – send it in, just be aware of this limitation.


The best way to get the files to us will be to upload them to an online hosting service and send us an email with “Breakthrough Community Trailer” in the topic and links to the files in the message. The contest email address is contests@worldwar3.com. In the case of streaming footage, download it and do the same.

Please, don’t send us the files directly, there are limits to our inbox size and we will ignore those emails!

That’s it for this week, we hope to see you in the next Weekly Report.