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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #34 – Gameplay Secrets #3


Hello, Soldiers!

Last week we’ve told you a bit about how to repair vehicles in World War 3 and how our Hunter/Killer system works. We want to continue the streak and tell you a little more about some of the systems we have implemented in our game, so let’s dive into another set of gameplay secrets. As we said previously: there’s a lot you might not know about our game, but we’re here to help you out!

Vehicles in World War 3

We wanted to strike a balance between complexity and ease of use with our vehicles. They’re easy to control and operate on a base level, but also have a lot of quirks and features – and we think some of them will interest even people that think they know everything about vehicular combat in the game.

We’ve decided to bring those to the spotlight and let everyone know about what and how to use in WW3.

Weight and center of mass

First, the most obvious part is the customization. Our vehicles, just like characters and weapons, are created by combining lots of attachments. Each attachment has not only its cost in Battlepoints, but also weight and other properties. Attachments can, and some do, change the weight and center of gravity of the whole vehicle. For example, a heavy turret can make a vehicle unstable by raising it’s center of mass and make it drive slower due to the added weight.


Second important part of customization is armor. It’s heavy, yes, but also can really help with those pesky RPGs. Since 0.7 you can check how good your armor is against RPGs in the customization menu:

Those values (Front, side and rear armor) are representing the number of normal RPGs you need to destroy an armored vehicle by shooting it in any particular armor section. As you can see, the difference is huge – shooting tanks in the front armor is going to take a long time. Conversely, a well placed Tandem (which deals around twice the normal RPG damage) can take down even a well armored vehicle in a couple of shots.

As a tank driver, you have to be conscious of this weakness and position your vehicle in a way that prevents enemies from surrounding you. Your vehicle is well armored and can take a lot of punishment before being destroyed, but if you’re outsmarted – that’s it. The slow and unwieldy beasts are no match against a swarm of little guys with well placed grenades to the back of your machine.

This is why the best squads will protect their vehicles and take down any RPG carrying enemy soldiers before they can take the vehicle down and won’t let anyone get behind. It’s called “combined arms” for a reason – even the most armored tank is weak when operating alone.

Below you can see a rough approximation of damage zones you can expect on vehicles in World War 3:


Some vehicles can carry more than one weapon. With MBTs and some other vehicles having the main cannon, the auxiliary machine gun and RCWS possibly having 3 different ways of defending and attacking. You can change between weapons by pressing [1], [2] or [3] depending on your customization. A small tip for everyone not familiar with this: if the main cannon is reloading: you can switch to the other gun while the main is reloading and switch back to continue firing.

Vehicle Locking

Another rarely used feature is vehicle locking. You can toggle between the states by using [L] key. This is useful when you’re trying to give your vehicle to your team or lock your team out of using your vehicle, because you want to fit all your squad members in.

The values this can be set to are: 

  • Locked (Only the owner can get in),
  • Squad (Only squad can get in),
  • Team (anyone from your team can get in).

Additional subsystems

We’ve also got a few additional attachments you can equip your vehicle with. Depending on the platform, there’s smoke grenades (default [G]) to potentially cover your escape or smoke up a street to help your team cross it under fire.

There’s APS – automatic protection that triggers when a missile, grenade or tank shell is coming your direction, shooting it down and going into cooldown.

CEEGA 2019

As we said in the last Weekly Report, we’ve been nominated in Visual Art category for CEEGA 2019. We didn’t win that one, but we got different award – China’s Choice! Thank you for the recognition!

That’s it for this week, we really hope this helps you out during fights against the enemy. See you in the next report, soldier!