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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #33 – Gameplay Secrets #2


Greetings, Soldiers!

It’s been a long week for us at the studio. A lot of work needed to be done in order to release the much-anticipated update on our LIVE version of the game, but in the end, we’ve made it. The 0.7 has finally arrived on Thursday last week and from what we’re seeing, it works well without any major hiccups. Some players even reported an improvement in performance, and while this update was not aimed at improving this area of the game, we’re happy at least some players already see the benefits of the new engine version.

Performance is still very important to us, and with all the work needed with switching engine versions, we can now go back to steady improvements of the framerate count and frame pacing – both of which are not where we want them to be yet.

We would like to ask you, though, that if you notice anything out of the ordinary, bugs, problems, as well as something you like, please inform us in the proper section of our forums! We want to make sure that World War 3 runs as smoothly and without problems on as many machines as possible, but without your feedback something might slip our attention. For your convenience, HERE’S a link to our general forum, from where you can get into the appropriate segment in your preferred language.

You can read the patch notes for 0.7 here.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the PTE testing of this update, as it was very buggy and unstable at the start. You soldiered through and gave us awesome reports full of details, that let us hone in on the bugs much easier. If you didn’t report any bugs, but just played – that’s also worthy of a thank you, we appreciate the time our community gave us and the game we’re trying to make.

You’ve already dropped a ton of videos from the new update, and we especially like a video by Atway, Russian creator, which you can see here (it is, of course in Russian, but there are English subtitles available, too!):

Apart from the release of 0.7 update, we’ve also been nominated for an award in Visual Art category for the CEEGA 2019. For those of you who might not know about it, it’s Central & Eastern European Game Awards is an initiative to recognize best games from Central and Eastern Europe every year, and the big gala to choose the awardees is hosted by Poznań Game Arena at Games Industry Conference. This year the awards show will be held on October 19th, so keep your fingers crossed – though the competition is tough and being even nominated is an honor in itself!

Now, let’s dive into another batch of gameplay secrets – last time you liked it, so now is the time to show and tell what some of you might not know yet!

Repairing vehicles

Not many players know this, but anyone can repair any ally vehicle in the game, by simply getting near the vehicle and pressing [4] to take the repair tool from it. It will show a (very temporary) menu, telling you what you are trying to repair:

You can switch between the main body and subsystems by pressing RMB, and using LMB start repairing. 

First icon represents the main body armor of the vehicle. We’ve changed it in 0.6 from repairing the additional armor to the base health due to ease of use and making sure that if you repair your tank at least a bit, it will be able to take a shell or an RPG and get back to base safely.

Second icon is optics. Fixing the optics up is a lot faster than the armor, so if you need to get your optics back up to be able to get back for a proper repairs – this is the way to do this. A small tip: if your main optic gets destroyed, you always have a backup one. After the first one is destroyed, the TPP view is disabled, so you are forced to use one of the viewfinders. Remember this for the next time you’re facing against another vehicle.

Third one – RCWS will repair the RCWS health pretty quickly. Also very useful, especially in a defensive position, when there’s more than the driver in the vehicle.

Last one is the APS – pretty self explanatory, but important nonetheless.

The repair tool has some heat capacity and will require a cooldown after a few seconds of repairing, so make sure to prioritize the subsystems you want repaired the most first. Also, an unlimited number of people can repair a vehicle at once – very useful when trying to keep a Mobile Spawn Point alive.

If we’re talking coming back for repairs – there’s a repair platform in every main base for each of the teams. It will not only fully repair all subsystems, base armor and additional armor, but also refill all consumables – like ammo, grenades and APS charges.

Hunter/Killer Modes

This is somewhat of an advanced feature, but similarly to the look around function as a soldier, you can look around without moving your turret. By pressing the [ALT] button, you can toggle between Hunter and Killer modes in your vehicle, Hunter mode will not move the turret with your camera movements. This is helpful to catch people by surprise and fool other vehicle drivers into thinking you’re not aware of their position. It’s also a good feature  if you just want to look around, but still continue to fire forward or just make sure you’re not losing targets.

Final Thoughts

There’s still more to playing vehicles in World War 3, but we can’t spill all the beans, some things should be discovered. In 0.7 we’ve also changed a few things regarding vehicle differences and movement, so be sure to tell us what you like and what you don’t like. We’re slowly starting to move towards final balance and this is the time to start steering our vehicles to the best place they can be.

Thank you for reading and the continued support – and see you in the next week’s report!