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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #31 – Preparing for 0.7


Hello soldiers!

Last week we’ve talked a bit about the upcoming game mode, Breakthrough, developed based off of our community idea. You, our players, seem to like the idea of this type of game mode in World War 3 and we are beyond excited to let you play it on Live servers. Just in case you’ve missed last week’s Weekly Report, here’s where you can read more about it, but if you don’t want to read the entire post, here’s a quick recap of things to come with Breakthrough:

  • Match lasts between 15 and 30 mins;
  • 10v10 players, split evenly into attackers and defenders;
  • Attackers try to destroy Radio Stations, while defenders try to stop them;
  • After successful neutralisation of Radio Stations in both adjacent points (A1 and A2, B1 and B2, etc.), the frontline is pushed back;
  • If attackers destroy all Radio Stations, they win;
  • If at any point defenders stop attackers from destroying Radio Stations and the timer reaches zero, they win;
  • Players can use all available strikes;


From what we’ve tried, everything seems to be working and seems to be balanced, but testing internally (apart from the times that the “fathers” of Breakthrough organized the tests with our community) never delivers the full scope of what we can expect. We are looking forward to finally delivering the game mode into your PTE hands, hoping for a great amount of feedback from you on it, varying from overall fun to balance, timings and station locations. 

But before we can do that – before we can drop Breakthrough on PTE servers for you to test – there’s some things we have to take care first apart from changes to the HUD elements that we have to make.

0.7 on PTE

Since we started testing the 0.7 update on PTE servers, we’ve fixed the majority of issues and problems that we encountered. The work is progressing as we anticipated, and the biggest problems were already neutralized. New features should no longer interfere with systems we already have in place, and we’re almost there. 

Just last week we pushed two patches in order to bring the 0.7 closer to the LIVE release. Patch 0.7.7, released on Wednesday fixed a lot: some of the bugs were minor and not really gamebreaking, like US Army Chest not being skinned properly (thanks, Animators!) or no information about enemy’s armor showing up on Kill Screen. Of course, those may seem “not important” to some of you in the grand scheme of things, but even minor bugs are still bugs and have to be exterminated. As we said after the release of Warzone Giga Patch 0.6 – the most important thing for us is to not rush things; we want to deliver the best experience possible, and if that means that an update takes a bit longer to release than it was initially anticipated, so be it. It’s better to take a few days or weeks to fix things up than to let players play on a bad build. We hope you understand that as much as we do. The aforementioned patch 0.7.7 also included first possible fix for map rotation, which means that in theory, staying in lobby and playing on a different map than before might soon be possible again. We still have to check things up and will update you on that when we have more information about it.

The second patch, 0.7.8, was released late Friday, and included fixes for a couple of challenges, general audio fixes and one funny bug that made our Us Army Pants invisible. If you would like to know more about things that went into our PTE patches in the last few days, please visit our Steam community or our Discord server – that’s where most of the “general updates” go. For your convenience, patch 0.7.7 and 0.7.8 contents can be found HERE and HERE.

As we said previously, we cannot really share any exact date as to when exactly Update 0.7 will arrive on the LIVE servers and ask you for your patience – it will be well worth it! And to sweeten the wait, here’s an upcoming vehicle which should find its way into World War 3 in the future!

Light Heli Drone

So… the time has come. The most controversial and arguably most hated vehicle finally won’t be alone. But before you start to freak out, delete your comment on the discord or forum and hear me out! Light Heli Drone is our current UFV little brother based on the MQ-8B platform. This version is considerably smaller and has a lot less payload potential. This being said this drone will be equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun as default with only 12.7mm machine gun as an option. Also, it will be much more vulnerable to any source of damage. The whole package, with all its limitations, will come with a considerably lower price but we will monitor the situation and act accordingly. On this occasion, I should also mention the fact that regular Heli Drone has been nerfed… a lot… probably too much, but we will let you decide on that. We hope that all this will bring the joy of flying (or destroying) back.

That’s it for this week, see you in our next weekly report!