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Weekly Report #28 – MSBS 762, KAC LMG, MP7



Today we have a fresh batch of equipment to show, all of it coming soon to World War 3. We’ll be presenting not one, not two, but three different guns, so you’re in for a treat! They’re covering a wide range of roles: We have a new SMG (or, rather, our first PDW), a new LMG (a rare one at that) and a brand new Battle Rifle. So, there should be something fun for everyone today. Let’s give them a look!


Starting with the most compact of the bunch: We’re finally introducing the long-requested MP7, referred in-game as the PDW7. Designed by Heckler & Koch in the 90’s, the MP7 is a Personal Defence Weapon, developed at NATO’s request for a compact, fully automatic weapon capable of penetrating modern body armor. Thus, HK’s new weapon fires 4.6x30mm armor-piercing ammo, which is considerably more effective against well-protected targets than the pistol calibers of old. Initially designed for widespread usage by rear-line personnel, the MP7 and other weapons of its class became very popular among special forces due to their compact size and high lethality.

In-game, the MP7 offers a very high rate of fire, good accuracy and base armor penetration comparable (if not better) to that of a full-sized assault rifle. However, it comes with two major downsides. First, while not as heavy as an assault rifle, it’s noticeably heavier than an SMG. Secondly, the damage per bullet is smaller than that of an SMG. So while an SMG may seem more deadly on a shot by shot basis, a heavier armor can easily stop its rounds, while the PDW7 will almost always deal its full damage, therefore making it a more consistent weapon overall. Coupled with a very high rate of fire, the MP7 is, essentially, a short-range lawnmower, for lack of a better term. Have fun chipping those heavies to bits!


We’re very glad to finally be able to lift the curtain on this one. We’ve hinted a new, 5.56 LMG for a long time, so here it is: The Knight’s Armament Light Assault Machine Gun, or, as we shortened it in-game, the LAMG. Designed as a replacement for the famous Stoner 63 multi-role weapon design from Eugene Stoner himself, the LAMG was meant to be a reliable, lightweight machine gun chambered in 5.56 NATO. Featuring the Constant Recoil system found on LMGs like the Ultimax 100, it is exceptionally controllable in full auto fire. While no major military force adopted these guns, they became very popular among private military contractors for their compact size and low weight.

In WW3 you’ll find the LAMG to be the missing link between assault rifles and light machine guns: Not much heavier than an average assault rifle, very controllable due to the Constant Recoil system and, being belt-fed, able to put a ton of lead down range before having to reload. Keep in mind that the 5.56 ammo doesn’t have the stopping power or penetration of a typical LMG bullet, so you’ll still be outgunned by heavier machine guns – and at a longer range at that.


Last but not least, we present to you a new (and possibly final) variant of the polish MSBS Grot rifle: The MSBS-762N, a recently announced battle rifle variant of the MSBS weapons family. It is essentially the same rifle as the default MSBS, but scaled-up to the 7.62×51 NATO cartridge, similarly to how the HK417 is a scaled-up HK416. It features a larger magazine well, a heavier barrel and the fire group redesigned to fit a bigger bullet.

Finishing up the trio of 7.62×51 Battle Rifles (expect future ones to feature different calibers), MSBS-762N is designed with the most classic DMR-style performance of the three. It has the lowest rate of fire in its class and quickly loses accuracy in full auto, but it shines in single fire, with a minimal recoil and excellent muzzle velocity, turning long-range sniping into pure bliss. It doesn’t have M417’s extreme accuracy or Scar’s short-range capabilities, but if you want that medium/long-range tapfire experience, then this is the ultimate gun for you!

That’s all for today, but we have, as always, much more to show you! The MP7 definitely ain’t the only PDW we’re going to introduce into the game (it did face fierce competition, after all…), and there’s a ton of new long-range combat options coming, in all shapes, calibers and fire modes available, so stay tuned for more. But enough hints, see you on the next one!

At ease!