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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #26 – VAB and Challenges


Hello, Soldiers!

0.7 is finally out on the PTE and we’ve begun testing and fixing it. It’s still in its infancy, but we can see feedback already – you love the VOIP and new lighting, and some people even report performance increase, even though this was not intended to be the effect just yet.

We’d like to reiterate, changing engine version was done mostly for bug fixing and server-side CPU performance gains, with only slight client-side optimizations. That said, we plan on bringing the performance up before 0.7 hits Live and we will continue to improve it like we did since the release of Early Access. It’s a slow and difficult process, but we’re making progress each week.

The main focus right now is fixing all the known issues and smoothing the framerate out, eliminating freezes and microstutters. 

As for the known issues, we’re quickly fixing them one by one so the game is stable and works well for 0.7 Live. Thanks to everyone for helping us test the game over the weekend and reporting back with bugs and other findings!


One of the new items on the 0.7 list is the new VAB Mobile Spawn variant. It replaces the BCV for one of the teams, so you can see in an instant if you’re dealing with the enemy.

It’s also important to note that currently it’s not textured, so it will get a lot more character and loose the clean look.

It’s modelled after VAB MK 3 (Véhicule de l’avant blindé – “Armoured vanguard vehicle” in French) and is a new family of 6×6 medium weight armoured vehicles offering very high level performance in terms of mobility, protection and payload.

In World War 3 it’s an “evil twin” brother of Battle Command Vehicle and always appears on the opposite side of the match. Its role on the battlefield is the same as BCV’s – providing quick access to the combat, infantry transport, and fire support.


We’ve added daily challenges to the game. It should let you earn money faster and give people something to do on top of just playing the game. Each day you will be randomized 3 challenges, ranging from winning 3 matches on a certain map to getting X kills with a particular weapon. Each time you complete a challenge, you will be rewarded by either cash, or items – like camos or even weapons.

This is the first step into proper progression and challenge system. We plan on expanding this feature into weekly and even monthly challenges, special events, special unlocks and one-time achievements as well as a tool for supporting the player progression system.

Lighting Changes

Thanks to new engine version, we were able to tweak the lighting on our levels a bit. The change isn’t drastic, but indoor areas are now more bright, and you can actually see the camouflage of your fellow soldiers. This is not finalized by any means either, we will tweak the lighting more each patch to make sure it looks good and plays well.


We have also implemented a new HUD for vehicles and just in case you didn’t have a chance to see it yet, here’s a drone with new layout. Similar to the lighting changes, it’s nothing big, yet we think it gets us this little bit closer to what we have envisioned for World War 3:

GiD vs PSS Clan Match

We’ve had our first proper competitive match played over the weekend. Around Friday, 10:30pm CEST, two of out clans fought over dominance on Warsaw Warzone server. While we don’t have proper tools to facilitate this kind of play, we worked with both teams to provide them with a password-protected server and tried to make it work. There were some minor issues at the start, but in the end, the match was won by GiD 5000 : 3068. The rematch is planned for next week, this time playing Team Deathmatch.

That’s it for this week, thanks for reading and make sure to catch the next Weekly Report!