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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #24 – 0.7 Progress and Gameplay Secrets


Hello, Soldiers!

This week we wanted to bring some light to some of the hidden or not obvious mechanics we have implemented in World War 3 over the years. Some things are simple and don’t change a lot in the gameplay, though they can be used to optimize your play, but some are crucial to understanding how to play well and be a good teammate. We’ve compiled things you should know about World War 3 Warzone scoring for this week and if people like this type of content, we have tons of other interesting information about our game.

We’ll get to the secrets of gameplay, but first let’s update you on how the engine switch is coming along and what is the 0.7 progress.

Engine Switch

We’re still working on the 4.21 Engine switch, since last week we’re regularly testing the game and making sure the version that will drop on the PTE is at least stable and doesn’t have critical bugs. It’s not going to be perfect, this is why the PTE is there, but we want for it to at least be fully playable and bring fun.

The switch is almost complete, we’ve got all replication changes implemented and working, crashing related to the engine switch is under control and the issues that are left are relatively minor: markers not displaying or flickering, vehicles driving too fast or too slow due to some physics changes that happened under the hood, weapons loading a bit too late in player hands, some lighting changes that have to be set up – overall, pretty minor issues that will require some time to fix, but are not blocking us from other work.

0.7 will first be tested on the PTE, so if you can spare the disk space, downloading it now will mean much less downloading later, the patch shouldn’t be much bigger than normal patches. PTE helps us a lot with testing and catching problems early, so be ready! It’s around 50GB unpacked, so you need some space for it, but it will help us a lot with the testing.

Now, for the secrets!

Gameplay Secrets – Squad Scoring on Warzone

A lot of people don’t realize they’re a leader and that being one gives them a lot of awesome perks, for the low cost of pressing X every few minutes. Also, a lot of people don’t realize how working together with your squad will make a massive difference to your personal BP gain and score. This doesn’t even include the big benefit for your team you will provide by coordinating together with others and working on gathering Battlepoints to support the team with deadly strikes or vehicles. And remember, if you win, you get more money after the match is over!

First, a quick refresher on Warzone scoring. Your team only gains score when you have linked points together (notice the line connecting those two points):

Having both parts of a capture area will net your team 1 point per second. Having more will increase that further. The best way to win is to hold more links than your opponent and making sure to break their links as quick as possible to starve them of points while keeping at least one link yourself.

Being a leader gives you the tools you need to guide your squad and win Warzone matches by utilizing this knowledge. You can spawn on your teammates, you spawn a lot faster than them and they can use you as their spawn point as well. A good leader is crucial to winning in Warzone and having one good squad that’s working together is frequently all it takes to turn the tides in your favor.

To unlock this gameplay secret you only need to use one button: X. It will mark objectives for attack or defense, mark enemy infantry and vehicles on the map and double tapping it will place a marker in the world letting your squad know where the danger is or just inform them about something like ammo pack or rally point. 

You can also mark objectives by right-clicking them on the deployment screen!

Very early on we decided to make World War 3 a squad-oriented game and move away from running around a map and capping point after point mindlessly. With how our squads work, you can really optimize your score gain and use Strikes as fast as they come off cooldown or summon a fully kitted out tank after less than 10 minutes. This is why:

We’ve got a lot of bonus points for working together. A simple example is getting a kill. When playing a lone wolf it’s 150 Battlepoints: 50 for the kill and 100 for doing 100 damage to the enemy, if they were at full health.

When playing with a squad and being near to the objective set by the squad leader, it’s 350  (150 base + 200 bonus). But! If you are a leader as well, every time someone under your command gets a kill on an objective, that’s free points for you.

You can mark enemies or use UAVs – assists on marked enemies also get you additional BPs.

The same goes for capturing points. It’s taking a long time when you are alone for two main reasons: first, to make coming back and defending possible: if you’re on the next point over and someone starts to take an objective, we want you to have enough time to stop them if they are playing alone. Secondly, if you are with your squad, it takes a lot less time. It’s much more beneficial to you and your squad to take 5 people and cap a point quickly than it is to cap 5 points at the same time, risking being easily killed and stopping your offensive altogether. It also doesn’t give you nearly enough Battlepoints and is putting you and your team in a BP disadvantage situation.

As an additional bonus, capping a point marked as an objective gives you bonus score, and the more squadmates there are, the more points you get. The leader also gets +100 bonus for each objective completed by their squad mates.

You can also use X to request gadget use on your team mates if you require healing or ammo – just hover over an ally and press X. It will appear in the objective log like all other objectives:

There’s also one more thing. Whenever you mark an objective on the map, every other squad leader gets an information about it in the form of text under the point, telling them how many squads are currently attacking or defending the point.

This might not seem like much, but if you see enemy starting to take a point, but also see that someone else marked it as defense objective, you can focus your squad on a different objective to get an advantage.

But what if you are not the squad leader and your leader doesn’t know about all of it and ignores the power vested in them? You can request orders by also using the X button. If they don’t give any orders in 60 seconds, you will become the new leader automatically.

We hope you are now much better equipped to fight with your enemies. Let us know if this kind of content is interesting to you and we’ll make more Gameplay Secrets!