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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #23 – Content Creator Contest results and more


Hello Soldiers!

Last week the Content Creators contest came to a conclusion. As we said previously, it was an enormous fun watching your creations and watching how much fun you have with our game and we can’t stress enough how much positive energy that gave us to work even harder to deliver you the best possible experience! We had a hard time picking the winners ourselves, so we let the community voice their opinion, which you had time to do until last friday, 3pm CEST. Here’s the three winners of World War 3 Special Editions, as voted by you!

1st Place: Atway – World War 3. Spare no one

2nd Place: Большой Ти – WORLD WAR 3 – ТРЕТЬЯ МИРОВАЯ ВОЙНА

3rd Place: AiRJacobs – World War 3 BEST GAMEPLAY & FUNNY MOMENTS #1

The winners will be contacted shortly and will soon receive their World War 3 Special Editions. Of course we cannot forget about the four other creators that made the final list – TactiGamer, RuTaiN, Alekks and Skibbehify – who will receive World War 3 Steam keys for their efforts! So if you didn’t have a chance to vote or watch them during the previous week, enjoy:

TactiGamer – Surviving Warsaw – World War 3 (Creator Contest)

RuTaiN – SiG MPX WORLD WAR 3 Loud Out

Alekks – world war 3

Skibbehify – Free Weekend Madness!

Once more: Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone that participated in our video contest!

On the technical side of things, we know you’re all very curious to see how the new engine will impact the game and just to have something new in the game – we are as well. Unfortunately, it requires time and effort to be sure we did it well and there are no game breaking issues still in the code and content that would require long downtimes once we start with the testing.

To make sure the testing process is as efficient as possible, we have to eliminate as many obvious and common issues as possible, to not waste your time with finding stuff we already know about.

We can, however, let you know how the progress has been and what are the current challenges we’re facing.

We’re almost done with all the big bugs we’ve uncovered when switching the engine, we’re now starting to get into optimizing the patch. With changes to how replication works came a few critical issues that had to be resolved before we could let you play the game.

Why are we doing it now? We have to take a close look at optimization before every big update, because changes in the game often introduce new stutters and framerate issues – this is why optimization is generally done as one of the last things in a production of a game. In our case, we want to provide you with playable experience during the development, which requires additional work every few months to keep on top of the performance as well as the ongoing work to keep framerates up and RAM usage low.

While we’re not giving you and solid dates, we are happy to report that things are progressing as predicted and the switch went off without any major issues and we’re coming really close to having a playable version of the new, shiny engine.

For those that don’t know, switching engine version should improve server stability and performance the most, while also providing some limited performance increase on the client side. It will also let us use a few new tools and should make the game more stable in the future.

We know it’s taking some time, but to make sure you’re getting the best version of World War 3 possible, we all have to work through the drought – it will be a much better game in the long run!

As usual, keep up with our socials and don’t forget to join the discussion on our official forums and Discord!