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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #16 – Free Weekend is here!


We’ve got a date! The first World War 3 Free Weekend is happening on the 20th of June and will end on June the 23rd. We’ve chosen this date for a few reasons, but as we’ve outlined in previous Weekly Reports, this is the best time to start inviting more and more players to the game. We think that it’s important to show the massive improvements we’ve made since the release of Early Access version of the game.

Speaking of more players, we’ve been hard at work this past few weeks to make sure the game is ready for the influx of additional soldiers. The most significant improvements were made in the readability of markers and performance. We’ve taken some time to optimize the game further, especially all the maps, including the map that will be used for the free weekend – Polyarny. It should run much better now and give everyone a better experience. In addition, there was a huge performance gain unrelated to the maps as well. With the marker improvements, it should be much easier to spot friendlies and make sure your target is the enemy. Some balancing was done as well, so hopefully the game is as fair as possible to everyone.

We’re not taking this free weekend lightly, we’re trying to make sure everything goes smoothly and works our well. That’s why we’ve taken additional steps to make sure we have no problems during the event.

On the networking front, we’ve secured a lot of additional servers from our hosting partner Zeuz.io, with the guarantee of being able to add even more in less than 12 hours, so we should be prepared for anything when it comes to player numbers.

As you already know, we’ve also limited the game to one map only, which was also done to limit the number of failure points we have – be it matchmaking or simply restarting servers with a new map – all of this is not a problem.

Of course, we can’t really predict how many players will join us and how much stress there will be on the systems, so we’ll be monitoring everything closely during the event.

There’s a new weapon that you’ll be able to try out and have fun with: the M417 is our newest battle rifle. Now, with the SCAR-H, we’ve got two battle rifles for our players to choose from.

There’s a new vehicle, the Commando 4×4 highly mobile armored vehicle with a grenade launcher and a machine gun on top. You can find it spawning on the map while playing.

We’ve also added a new grenade type, and a lot of improvements and bug fixes that you can read about here.

Those changes are now being tested on the PTE and from the initial feedback we can see that it’s looking good!

Like always, we’ll be playing over the weekend, so see you there, Soldiers!