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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #12 – 0.6 Aftermath


Our team worked tirelessly on bringing you 0.6 Warzone Update and we’re really happy with how it turned out. It seems that focusing on making the game work as well as we can paid off. The steady rise of player numbers on our servers after the patch has been amazing. We see both old and new players interested in the game and that’s very promising.

We’ve added a lot to the game, made it work a lot better and made the Warzone game mode work as we’ve always wanted. We got a lot of feedback since 0.6 went out and we’re really happy about it. We intend on keeping it up and making World War 3 better and better with each update until the release and beyond.


This is in part thanks to our community and people that took their time to say something about the patch, made a video or just simply told their friends that the game is getting better and better. As we’ve said since the beginning of this journey: we want to make the game with you, our players, and we see the power and will of the people. If you didn’t, check out only some of the reactions we got when 0.6 hit Live servers (at least those that we can understand!):

We wanted to make sure people making content about World War 3 know we’re watching and listening to everything they say – be it good or bad. Our community-focused approach is working really well for us and the game and we intend on keeping it up for the foreseeable future.

Roadmap and beyond

The Roadmap is getting an update. We wanted to focus everything we got on making sure 0.6 is as good as possible, so this was pushed back a bit. We’re not changing what World War 3 is going to be, the goal stays the same – we just need to move stuff around, since a lot of things changed since we started Early Access and we want the Roadmap to reflect what decisions we and our players made in the development of our game.

Also, a lot of people are suggesting a free weekend to us – and yes, we know! We’ve been thinking about it for weeks now and we’ll share more information about it once we’ve ironed out all the details.

0.6 is a big milestone for the game and the team. We’re constantly fixing things and making improvements and thanks to the overwhelmingly positive reception this patch got, we’re more motivated than ever to make World War 3 as good as it can be.