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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #10 – 0.6 PTE Testing



First of all, thank you for understanding our decision to make sure the patch we’re currently developing is the best one yet. We’ve seen almost exclusively messages of support – it’s a really positive feedback for us that our changes are working and we should continue down the path of making sure things are as good as possible before we publish them.

Our players are really busy playtesting the PTE, we’ve noticed that you’re getting organized and are taking on different parts of the game to test – this is amazing! It also really helps as we’re finding ways to reproduce some bugs that were proving difficult to do on our own.

So, for what’s been going on behind the scenes: we’ve found a number of bugs and issues we’d like to address and we are taking care of most of them right now. There are still some problems related to the Mobile Spawn Point, some minor problems with the two new maps Smolensk and Polyarny and other issues. We’ve fixed some of those already and we’re confident we can iron out most of those issues soon.

The plan is as follows: finishing up the fixing, releasing another PTE update this week and if it works out well, we’ll push it to Live.

We’re not ending the development on 0.6, however. We plan to update the Roadmap this or next week as well. It’s important to note, that while the Roadmap did get a bit outdated, the overall plan or list of features didn’t change at all, we just moved them around and we’re still on track for our goal of releasing 1.0 late 2019 / early 2020.

We’ve got a lot of work ahead, with parts of it are being actively worked already, like the new animation system, new customization and Recon gamemode, which are all also being made with quality over speed in mind. There are cool community features and some surprises coming as well.

Thank you all for the support we received and for rooting for us, for all those streams and videos, work on social media and helping new players – rest assured that we see it and it motivates us to get better and work harder.