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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #9 – PTE & Smolensk Showcase



Like every week for the past few months we invite you to read our report of what have been happening in World War 3. Similarly to previous weeks, this one was filled with various fixes for patch 0.6, including optimization and stabilization of the game. Every single day brings us closer to the way we envisioned WW3 gameplay to be – which was and still is the most important target for us since the project has started.

We understand that many of you choose not to take part in the tests on our PTE servers and that is why we decided that we want to inform you a bit about what is going on there. The tests are in full swing and our various changes as well as new implementations were received in a positive way by players that are already testing the upcoming giga-patch. This is the place in which we want to thank our players that play on PTE servers for all the help, activity and sharing their experiences regarding the upcoming update which will later come to the LIVE servers. Without your help we would not be able to check and verify our updates on such scale. Thank you!


We talked about Smolensk map in one of our previous Reports (in case you want to read a more in-depth article about the upcoming map, please visit Weekly Report  #3 HERE) and showed you few screenshots of how the map looked back then. Of course, nothing will showcase the map as good as a nice video with all the main areas of it, that’s why we want to show you the new Smolensk showcase, which you can check out below!