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0.6 Status



We know you’re eager to play the new awesome maps and shoot with new weapons while using the new vehicles, and we can’t wait to release 0.6 to the Live server either. Testing is going very well, we’re hearing a lot of positive feedback from players, but there are also some minor complaints from our PTE players we wanted to address. We’ve committed to better quality updates that are tested well – this means 0.6 will have to be scheduled to go Live a bit later, (but before May 15th), not in April, like we previously planned, since all we really need is one more week to make sure it works well.

This decision was made because of two main reasons: first of all, we feel like it needs just a tiny bit more to really be something to be proud of and making it as good as we can is something we think is best for the game. Also, some of the feedback we got couldn’t be implemented in time for 0.6 if we decided to stick with the original plan: namely some quality of life map changes (collisions), fixing bugs with the Mobile Spawn Point, other small fixes and some improvements to hit registration that should make the shooting feeling much better.

Secondly, due to 1st and 3rd being a holiday in Poland, we won’t have a full staff working this week, and we want to be ready if anything happens. We’ve had a situation like this with 0.3 update and we want to avoid this by giving ourselves a bit more time.

Those are the two major reasons we decided to postpone the release of 0.6 to Live servers. The current version that we have on the PTE should be more or less what you get with the full release, we are not planning on making any big additions or changes apart from bug fixing.

We hope you understand (and judging by our community poll that showed us 90% of our players want better quality patches even if they are less frequent – you do understand) this decision was made to make sure the game is as playable as it can at this development stage for the most amount of people.