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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #8 – Gameplay


Hi folks,

A lot has been going on lately in World War 3. While the programmers stay focused on optimization and technical issues, the gameplay design team came up with a few ideas supposed to streamline and improve your experience. We’ve added some new features to the game to further enhance the teamplay aspects and tactical nature of World War 3. The systems we have chosen should improve communication and add some new team and squad options for all the players.

Thanks to feedback from the community, we’ve isolated the main problems and had a chance to address them. Those are mainly lack of VOIP and poor communication between players when they’re not playing together.

You asked for it – we deliver. Let’s talk some details.

Communication improvements

NEW SPOTTING SYSTEM – our brand new spotting system is a hybrid of features inspired by games such as Battlefield 2 or APEX.

What makes the new spotting system better? Here are some of the new features:

Commo rose menu – you will be able to access a commo rose menu, by holding the spotting button (X by default). We’ve also added a new ability called ping. You can now mark in-game locations (leave a world marker) for your squadmates to show them what you are looking at, give them directions or simply mark useful things on the map (to do that, just double tap the X button). Commo rose options can be selected pointing the mouse or using numbers keys.

In the future there will be many types of commo rose menus popping up contextually, depending on what type of marker you focus on.

The types of markers you will be able to choose from, are:

  • World markers
  • Objectives
  • Enemies
  • Squadmates
  • Vehicles
  • Weapons
  • Equipment

Double tapping X on a marker, will perform a default quick action and holding X will display corresponding commo rose with some advanced options.

Commo rose system is designed to be fully context based, and options presented in those menus will differ from marker to marker.

Spotting enemies – from now on, markers don’t follow the enemies. They only show the last location in which an enemy has been spotted, linger for a set amount of time, then fade away. Player can always reacquire the target by tapping the spotting button (X by default). This change decreases the disadvantage of the marked player (no more wallhack for the spotting soldier, no more spotting through smoke, no more spot macros).

Impulse spotting drones redesign. Impulse drones like Barracuda, will spot enemies in 3d space (with every impulse, the last location of marked enemies will be displayed in the world space). Continuous spotting drones (like Flying Eye) will work as they did in the past (spotting enemies and vehicles only on the tactical map).

With the new spotting mechanics we hope that players will gain new tools for easy and intuitive communication and better spatial awareness, along with being more fair and keeping the focus on shooting the soldiers, not red squares.

VOIP – is a tool which allows players to communicate directly inside the game client. From now on, by holding the radio button (by default Y) you will be able to talk with your squadmates. You can also mute them on the scoreboard.

IN-GAME RADIO – by pressing the Y button once, you will display the radio menu, with many useful voice commands. Some of them are paired with corresponding tactical animations. The categories you can choose from, are: responses, direct orders, social, requests and strike requests.

This feature was implemented to give players who can’t or just dislike speaking directly to other players a way to communicate. Also it’s a nice addition for those who like to roleplay as soldiers.

Spawn system improvements

MOBILE SPAWN POINT – is a special purpose infantry vehicle that spawns inside your base. It has the capability to spawn not only squadmates but also the rest of your team. It is heavily armored with massive health pool but very limited offensive options. When destroyed, another vehicle will spawn in your base after some penalty cooldown.

MSP is a great tool for flanking and coordinating attacks, using the force of the entire team, so make sure to keep it out of sight and defend it. Good MSP placement can change the battle in your favor very easily.

LEADER SPAWN ON SQUADMATES – is a new, additional spawn option for you. The rule is simple – squadmates can spawn only on the squad leader but squad leaders can spawn on every squad member.

This feature is designed to give squads more opportunities to play together and increase their flanking capabilities. It should also elevate the squad leader by making his spawner abilities more useful.