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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #7 – Warzone Giga Patch Summary



We wanted to let you know what you can expect from the upcoming Warzone Giga Patch 0.6 scheduled to hit Live server this month (April). It’s already being tested on the PTE (Public Test Environment) and it seems to be what we wanted it to be – the best update World War 3 has gotten since launch.


  • New outdoor Warzone map – Smolensk
  • New outdoor Warzone map – Polyarny
  • New weapon – SA-80
  • New weapon – M4 WMS
  • New vehicle – Attack Helicopter Drone
  • New vehicle – IFV AJAX
  • New vehicle – MRAP
  • New uniform – British Armed Forces
  • New cosmetics – Two Winter Camouflages


  • VOIP
  • Mobile Spawn Point
  • Overhauled Spotting System
  • Teamwork Improvements
  • New Warzone Balance

The main point of this update is finalizing what we imagined Warzone to be as a game mode. This means we’ve finally added all the features and made all the improvements we had planned for Warzone and we’re happy to report they’re looking good. We will outline all the new features in a future Report, but for now let’s look at the headlines.

Let’s break this list down a bit more:

New Maps – two completely new Warzone maps: Smolensk and Polyarny. Click the links to see screenshots and read more about those new maps. Those are not TDM variants this time, but two large, outdoor areas designed to support Warzone.

New Vehicles – we’ve got the MRAP Mobile Spawn Point, Attack Helicopter Drone (click for more info), AJAX IFV and the new vehicle that spawn in base: the BTR APC.

New Weapons – we’ve also added two new weapons: SA80 and M4 CQB. Last week’s Report was dedicated to the SA80, so read more about it here.

New Customization – two new snow camouflages for uniforms and a British Soldier uniform along with new weapon parts.

New Features

To support Warzone tactical gameplay a lot more, we’ve added new features to the game to make this possible. Those are:

New spotting system with a comm rose menu – for communication and spotting different kinds of points of interest in the world,

VOIP – long awaited feature – so far in a simple form – that lets you communicate with your squad by pressing and holding a button. We’re using the Steam VOIP, so make sure to have it set up properly before testing!

In-Game Radio – useful for those without a mic or just not keen on talking to others – you can use simple commands to acknowledge orders, ask for ammo or thank someone.

Mobile Spawn Point – useful for creating a temporary spawning location for the whole team.

Leader spawn on squadmates – leaders can now spawn on every squadmate and squadmates can spawn on leader to keep everyone together and make for more interesting fights.


We’ve also vastly reduced the number of freezing issues and made the game much more smooth. We’ve also optimized the framerate a bit, so you should overall feel a big difference between 0.5 and 0.6. This doesn’t mean we’re done with optimizing – far from it!


There’s also a lot more – bugfixes, crashfixes, balance changes, improvements and others. Keep an eye out for patch notes for 0.6.

What next?

More optimization changes are coming, we’re changing up the animation system to a brand new one and rewriting the customization menu from scratch. We’re also updating our base engine to newer Unreal Engine 4 version.

On the content front, we’ve got a myriad of new weapons, vehicles, maps and other equipment coming to World War 3 in the coming months. Look forward for future Reports for more information on what we’re planning.

Oh yeah, one more thing. We wouldn’t want to leave you without something to look at, so here’s a Polyarny Showcase, so you know what to expect!