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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #5 – Attack Helicopter Drone


Ten-hut soldiers!

Those who track the development of World War 3 know that during the last few months we’ve been concentrating on heavily requested bug fixes and optimization improvements.

But we all know that those are not the goodies you are counting on. Lately, we’ve been working on something really exciting and this entry is just the first of many novelties we have prepared for you which will add a breeze of fresh air… literally.

You, the community, have been without a doubt vocal about adding new flying vehicles. We’ve been tinkering with the flight model and we’ve decided to add a strike that will meet your demands and populate the domain that has been previously dominated only by buzzing drones – the sky.

Introducing to you –  Attack Helicopter Drone.

The Helicopter Combat Drone was inspired by the Northrop Grumman’s MQ-8C Fire Scout – an unmanned helicopter designed to support U.S. Navy operations. Its main duties are: reconnaissance, situational awareness, aerial fire support and precision targeting support for ground, air and sea forces. Its shell is based on a civilian helicopter to resemble a manned vehicle.

In World War 3, Helicopter Combat Drone is an airborne counterpart of Unmanned Ground Vehicles. It provides unique combat possibilities and forces the enemy to rapidly adapt tactics to a new threat. It utilizes space on the maps which has never been used before. Its superior agility and speed allow to swiftly reach the destination, barrage it with rockets or bombs, and fly away without giving the foe a slight chance to react. Once called, the enemy has to stay alert as it can strike from unexpected directions.

Large selection of attachments gives the player various ways to play it: equipped with thermal cameras, it can shine as a reconnaissance drone. With medkits, ammo, and equipment packs attached, it is the fastest support station in the game. Lethal OFAB bombs combined with rocket pods make it perfect for hit & run operations.

However, despite the excellent manoeuvrability and intimidating armament, Helicopter Combat Drone is far from being invincible. Its thin armor makes it vulnerable to all kinds of projectiles. Due to loud rotors and significant size, it’s very easy to spot, so expect a lot of enemy attention while operating in the combat area. Also, be aware of the jammers as staying too long in a jammed area may lead to loss of your precious strike. Nevertheless, if battered, it can be repaired at the standard regeneration platform just like other vehicles.

With all that said, we can’t wait to see it in action.

See you in the warzone and… watch the skies.


Screenshots: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Aozl9Et37qG0qyH0ZiPHls2rgfQo