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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #4 – Warzone Giga Patch is coming!


Hello, Soldiers!

We’ve decided to share with you some more details regarding World War 3 future updates, just so everyone is up to date and knows what to expect. Because fixing bugs and boosting performance is our top priority, we also want to share with you our thoughts about what’s going to be next. So, without further ado, here we go:

First? Bugfixes!

Our technical and testing crews are focusing on fixing bugs and crashes. We are improving WW3 every week (and by the way – massive thanks to our community testers, you are really making a difference!). Last week’s PTE patch is another step in the right direction of stability, with an extremely low amount of crashing reported. We will also take care of the most prevalent and biggest bugs and issues we have to make sure the game is as playable as possible. This, of course, doesn’t mean that nothing new will be added, just that the focus is somewhere else – on making sure it works. We are planning to release the next big patch (0.5) to the public around the end of March.

Warzone Giga Patch

Next on the list is the Warzone Giga Patch – a biggest WW3 update since the launch. Warzone update will deliver two completely new large maps (outdoor locations), two new weapons, new strikes, vehicles, customizations, and several gameplay and teamwork improvements.

For example – we’re revamping some of the mechanics of Warzone (like jammers and spotting) to make them more useful in combat, to finally make Warzone what we wanted. There’s Mobile Spawn Points that you can drive and deploy to provide a tactical advantage to your team, Heli Drone that flies over the Warzone and provides crucial air support and a few other surprises. More info regarding the Giga Patch will be revealed in future reports. We believe that Warzone Giga Patch will be ready to release in April.

Last week you saw Smolensk, today we are proudly presenting to you Polyarny!

Polyarny is the main base of Northern Fleet and a city located on the Murmansk fjord, in the far north of Russia. This naval base is in use since the 1930s, but since the 1950s it was used for modifying and repairing nuclear-powered submarines in what is known as the Russian Shipyard Number 10 (also named Shkval). Around 1970 it was expanded to handle larger vessels, and is now employing about 3000 workers and the overall dock length is around 550 meters (1,800 ft).

From the gameplay perspective, it’s placed on a slope, giving quite a view for those on the top. It’s a big, open map, but has some buildings, which would make it a hybrid of an outdoor map and urban one. There are some administrative buildings as well as apartment blocks, frosty weather and a lot of places to hide – which comes in useful because the skies are big and wide open.

UE4 4.21 Game Engine Update

We’re updating the underlying technology soon as well. While we have made some changes to Unreal Engine 4 to suit our needs, some parts of it didn’t change much and we can still update them easily. We’ve decided to switch from 4.19.2 that we’re using now to 4.21. This should improve performance a bit and let us use some of the new tools provided in newer versions of the engine.


Last, but certainly not least, Recon will come after Warzone giga-patch. This decision was made because of two main reasons: first, the game has to be more stable for the new game mode, has to be more optimized and more polished to make sure the experience is what we wanted. Secondly, we want to make sure the game mode is as good as possible before we widely present it to the public. This means continued testing and making improvements until we feel it’s ready and plays how it should – Recon is being improved & tested every week !.

Free Weekends

Many of you asked us about our plans regarding free weekends – centrally this is something that will happen in the nearest future, but we have some things to take care of before this is possible. Just so you know, we’re already talking with our server provider Zeuz.io to secure extra resources for this occasion.

Rest assured the overall plan didn’t change and we still are on track with our goal of releasing after 12-15 months in Early Access, we just moved the pieces around to make sure we’re doing it right. We will also be updating the Roadmap soon to reflect new plans.

See you next week for some more information fresh from the studio!

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