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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #1 – IEM 2019


Hello, Soldiers!

Last week our team visited IEM 2019 in Katowice, Poland with Recon and Team Deathmatch game modes played in our booth. We even had a fun match against Actina Pact pro players (which we won!).

On the office side, last week was focused on making Recon and the whole World War 3 work as good as possible for IEM 2019 and we’re happy to report that from this effort came 0.4.3 Stability Update, which vastly increases the stability of the game. We’re still not done on that front, but we’re getting really close.

We’re hard at work on the upcoming 0.5 patch, which is still focused on bugfixing and improvements and should be out soon™.

Thanks for playing and see ya in next week’s report!