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Recap of Live AMA with The Farm 51 and MY.GAMES


We recently hosted an AMA session on the World War 3 Discord, where fans had the opportunity to put burning questions to The Farm 51’s Kamil Bilczyński and MY.GAMES’ Alexey Larionov. If you want to find out more about the new publishing partnership and the future of World War 3, we’ve collected all the answers here for your viewing pleasure!

We couldn’t be happier to see your reactions and your interest in the game come alive during the AMA. In the future, we plan to conduct even more community-focused events, where we’ll share more details about the content of World War 3. Enjoy reading!

This transcript is from the live World War 3 AMA, held on May 12 on the official Discord. Questions and answers have been organized by category and slightly edited for better readability.

Partnership with MY.GAMES

What are your expectations regarding the Chinese market release? Do you think MY.GAMES can help with it?

Kamil: Definitely, the Asian market is very important for us and our strategy, and I’m pretty sure that MY.GAMES as a global publisher will help us manage World War 3 in Asian regions. : )

Why did you choose World War 3 as a game to support if you are a producer of Warface (a similar FPS shooter game). Isn’t World War 3 a competitor for your own title?

Alexey: We feel that World War 3 is already a great game and we want to work on it together with Farm 51 to make it even better as well as to attract new players to it! As for Warface, we are sure that both games provide unique gameplay experiences and won’t interfere much with each other.

Will MY.GAMES help you in other ways than resources and expertise? What role will MY.GAMES have in development? Will they contribute staff, funds, or leave it entirely up to The Farm 51? Will this deal help accelerate the development of new content like maps and weapons? Does the partnership have any personal consequences on The Farm 51’s side (e.g. have The Farm 51 employees been replaced by MY.GAMES guys)?

Kamil: A lot of questions! ; ) In general, MY.GAMES will help us in any aspect of World War 3 to make this game bigger and better. That’s why we chose MY.GAMES as our strategic long term partner for World War 3.

New content like maps and weapons will come for sure! : )

Is there a team at MY.GAMES working or helping on the development of World War 3? If yes, is there a specific area(s) they are working on?

Kamil: Yes, we are working pretty closely together on many key areas! We will share more details about our cooperation when we will be ready to do that… we are just starting.

What does MY.GAMES see for the future of World War 3?

Alexey: We think that as soon as the game is complete, it has the full potential to be a hit on the tactical FPS market, and even the FPS market in general. As a publisher, we will apply our resources and offer all the help to The Farm 51 to make this happen.

How many years will The Farm 51 and MY.GAMES cooperation last?

Alexey: You don’t usually put an expiration date on things like that, in this regard it’s like marriage. : ) But seriously, we trust this is going to be a long and fruitful cooperation.

How big of an advertising campaign are you planning? When will there be as many people on the servers as here? : ) How many active players do you anticipate? How do you plan to bring this game back to life? It seems forgotten as of now with 0 player base outside the EU.

Alexey: We certainly plan a big advertising campaign for the big launch of the finished version. We aren’t ready to tell you the dates just yet or approximations for the number of players on release, but as we’ve mentioned we believe in World War 3 and think that it’s going to be really popular.

In terms of size and quality, would you position World War 3 closer to AAA production? Indie AAA? Where would you place the final product production?

Alexey: Definitely an AAA game, we have no doubts here.

P2W and micro-transactions

MY.GAMES make F2P projects. Will World War 3 become F2P with microtransactions? Who will observe microtransactions, do the decisions remain with The Farm 51? Or will the publisher dictate pricing? Will prices be regional?

Alexey: The details of the distribution model will be revealed later in 2020. However, it’s important to mention that The Farm 51 will have full control over the development process and the vision for World War 3. Additionally, in any case, we are not going to introduce pay-to-win elements to the game, and we’re adamant in this decision already.

How did the team and the people over at MY.GAMES handle the significant backlash, angry comments, and concerns they got from the community on the forums and Discord?

Kamil: I’m pretty sure that MY.GAMES is a perfect partner for World War 3. : ) Before we signed the deal, I had a lot of discussions with them, and they really understand World War 3 as a game and player expectations as well. We have a solid plan on how to improve World War 3 together –  don’t worry. : )

Steam and current players

Why will the game be “on hold” for purchase exactly? When do we lose the opportunity to buy the game?

Alexey: Players who have already purchased World War 3 in Early Access will be able to play it indefinitely. However, the game will no longer be available for purchase on Steam until further notice. We will certainly reveal full details about that later.

Will there be any patches, big and small, before release? Can we update the game and play? How long is it going to stay in Early Access?

Alexey: The game will be available on steam but will not be available for purchase until the final release. We have some plans to share and new improvements to test with players before the 1.0 release, but for sure we don’t want to show unfinished or untested updates.

If people bought your game via Steam in the Early Access phase for 99pln, what will they get when the game goes F2P, and will it be worth the previous price?

Alexey: You’ll definitely keep access to the game, and you’ll receive a rich amount of game content, regardless of our distribution solution (that is still to be announced later this year).

What will veteran World War 3 players receive during the final release?

Kamil: All Early Access players will be recognised as veterans, and will receive special gifts when the game launches. Any purchases of in-game content made during the Early Access period will be transferred or refunded as in-game currency as appropriate.

In-game content

Do you still plan to replace Microsoft servers with Linux servers?

Kamil: Yes, we are considering Linux servers as a solid alternative for Windows servers.

Do you believe that the key weaknesses of the game, like optimisation and servers, can be finally repaired to satisfy players?

Kamil: In my opinion, together with MY.GAMES we have a much better starting point to polish and improve World War 3 and launch a successful final release!

Will the game become regional? For example, Russian players play only with Russian players, Chinese players only with Chinese players, European players only with European players, etc.?

Kamil: At this moment we don’t have any plans to have a different ‘region separations’ compared to today’s World War 3 servers.

Which part of development was the hardest so far (again without obvious ones, e.g. release disaster or 0.3)?

Kamil: Creating a multiplayer FPS game is a constant challenge every day… This is a nice story for another long conversation in the future (after the successful final release). : )

Will there be support for RTX and DLSS 2.0?

Kamil: Sure, why not. To be honest, we are evaluating this possibility. : )

Will there be more diversity in character customization?

Kamil: I think today we have a lot of the options for character customization compared to other FPS games. ; ) But yes, more operators and outfits will come in the future. : ): If you have any suggestions just send us an email with what you want. : )

How will World War 3 be protected against cheaters? Nowadays, every FPS has tons of cheaters.

Alexey: Yes you’re right, it’s an important issue to handle. However, both MY.GAMES and The Farm 51 have experience in managing FPS games and dealing with this problem accordingly, and that’s exactly what we intend to do. : )

As far as how exactly it goes, we will reveal the details as soon as they are set, prepared, and finalized.

Is there a plan to rework some maps like Berlin, which is quite a weak map visually compared to Smolensk or Polaryn?

Kamil: We are improving old maps in terms of gameplay and visuals, you will be surprised. : )

Updates and roadmap

When do you plan to release the 0.9 update?

Kamil: We will release new updates when they are ready.

Which consoles do you plan to release the game on, and when? What is the role of MY.GAMES in the porting process?

Alexey: We are very excited for the new generation of consoles, as well as the possibilities of a console release in general, but we want to first focus on delivering the best possible experience to PC players. We don’t currently have any announcements to share regarding bringing World War 3 to other platforms.

How many new maps is your team currently working on?

Kamil: You will be surprised (we hope). ; )

Will you implement a complete and easy-to-follow tutorial?

Kamil: Yes, we have such plans.

Will there be any DLC?

Alexey: We are certainly planning to release a post-launch development roadmap, as well as production plan later this year.

When can we expect new teased content like animations to turn up?

Kamil: When new stuff will be ready to release on live update. Thanks to our cooperation with MY.GAMES, we will have access to a professional QA team, which (we hope) will help us a lot at the bug-fixing stage.

What will be the weight for the single-player experience vs. multiplayer?

Kamil: Right now, we are focusing on multiplayer… but who knows? Maybe in the future we will release some pure-hard tactical single-player campaign. Right now we are focusing on multiplayer. ; )


What happened to communication over the last three months?

Kamil: We were working pretty hard on the project and talking about cooperation details with MY.GAMES.

Will you release past videos, photos, etc. from early development and before the Early Access release? Some fun stuff, some serious stuff, both?

Kamil: Sure, why not. ; )

Can we expect some regular information and communication again, or will the development go on ‘in the dark’?

Alexey: We will certainly keep you informed of our progress. We are going to release the World War 3 development roadmap and production plans later this year.

Smirnoff or Wyborowa?

Kamil: If I must, Wyborowa. ; )