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MY.GAMES and The Farm 51 are working together!


Soldiers, we have really great news for you!

Global publisher MY.GAMES and The Farm 51 are proud to reveal their brand-new publishing and development partnership on World War 3, an upcoming online military shooter coming to PC in 2020. This collaboration will give The Farm 51 the necessary resources and expertise to expand the scale of their upcoming title, while retaining creative control and vision.

We are happy to announce the partnership with MY.GAMES and benefit from their wealth of experience in publishing multiplayer shooters,” said Kamil Bilczynski, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Farm 51. “Our collaboration with MY.GAMES ensures that we can take a truly global approach to publishing World War 3, while remaining faithful to our original vision for the game as we work to enhance its core gameplay, polish mechanics, and push the boundaries of the overall scale of the project.

In a few days, Kamil will host an AMA session where he will answer fans’ burning questions about the game. The time and virtual venue of the session will be announced soon.