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Weekly Report

Weekly Report #48 – A change of Pace for Reports


Hello again, Soldiers!

Over the last year, we’ve been posting weekly about news and developments from inside the studio, as well as showed sneak peeks at the upcoming content and features. At first, our plan was to just post short summaries of the previous week, nothing more than one or two paragraphs, but it quickly became something more – a platform for showing all kinds of developments, pipelines and upcoming content. We’re really happy with how Weekly Reports have been going, but lately, with the upcoming release, we’ve noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to prepare high quality reports each week if we’re working at same time on polishing and improvements.

We’ve also seen some mixed community feedback on some of the previous Weekly Reports, when they weren’t up to the quality people deserve – and we agree that our players deserve the best there is and we should make sure that you get solid content with no exceptions.

Unfortunately, since we’re doing it all in-house and using the time we have, we cannot promise groundbreaking content every week consistently – creating a game is hard and arduous work and not all of those “stories” are interesting for the community.

To better understand why this problem exists, let’s first take a look at the process.

Coming up with something fresh and unique every week is challenging and there’s a few reasons for it. First of all, because we try to publish things as soon as they’re ready to show, it limits the time window in which a topic is relevant. We prefer to push it to the PTE instead of writing about it and waiting for publishing later.

Because it’s taking a lot of time and just after posting one report we have to start thinking about the next one, it’s a constant struggle to keep it fresh and interesting, and with us going into bug fixing and polishing mode, we can see how the quality would go down with more focus shifting into making the best quality game we can.

This is why we’ve decided, and you can be sure it wasn’t an easy decision, to change the format of our reports into something less frequent, but with better quality. The community feedback regarding Weekly Reports was also a big influence on this.

Welcome to the age of the Devlog!

Weekly Reports will be changing into Devlogs formula. Because we are now in the final implementation stage and bug fixing/polishing in other areas, the new formula looks more convenient on this stage of development. Don’t worry, though, new stuff and improvements are coming – we want to focus on hard working and give you better quality reports, so each Devlog is something interesting, well made and shows something cool about the game or the development process in general. We don’t want to constrain ourselves to a rigid schedule and we will be publishing new devlogs when we have something interesting and well polished to show. 

With the team shifting into the last stages of production and expectations from the community, we think this is the best solution – after all, it’s quality over quantity!

Thank you all for supporting us over the years and see you next time!